Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul issued the following statement in reaction to President Trump’s State of the Union address:

“President Trump began his speech by celebrating the benefits of lower taxes. Sadly this was the only pro-liberty part of the speech. The bulk of President Trump’s remarks was devoted to a massive increase in government— from an over trillion dollar infrastructure plan to new federal education programs to a new federal entitlement to paid family plan to increasing the war on drugs.

The most disappointing part of the night was when President Trump engaged in crude saber rattling toward North Korea, and  reaffirmed his commitment to remain in Afghanistan until we “win”— in other words in perpetuity— and his announcement of a new Executive Order reaffirming the use of indefinite detention.

Notably absent from the speech was any mention of the  Federal Reserve or acknowledgment that our current prosperity is built on a number of Fed-created bubbles, the bursting of which could cause the enter Keynesian system to collapse. President Trump, and Congress’s refusal to take any steps to meaningfully reduce government spending or reign in the Federal Reserve will make the inevitable crash much worse. Yet President Trump will not even act on his campaign promise to push for a vote on Audit the Fed.