Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul issued the following statement regarding Senator Rand Paul’s introduction of legislation repealing the federal law that authorizes the government to assign every American a Unique Patient Identifier:

“Assigning every American a unique patient ID would enable government officials, special interests, and ID thieves to access our private medical records at will. It would also undermine health care by eroding patient’s trust that personal information shared with their physicians will remain confidential.

Unfortunately, the House voted to repeal the 21-year old ban on using taxpayer funds to implement the unique patient ID scheme earlier this year. Fortunately, Rand is standing up to the authoritarians and crony capitalists who stand to benefit from the unique patient identifier by ensuring the Senate version of the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education bill maintains the ban on using federal funds to create a unique patient identifier and introducing legislation (S. 2538) repealing the federal law authorizing creation of the unique patient identifier.

My Campaign for Liberty organization will do all we can to make sure Rand’s bill becomes law this Congress and that the American people no longer have to fear that their confidential medical records will be violated by a unique patient identifier.”

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