Following John Boehner’s announcement that he was stepping down as Speaker of the House, some prominent liberty movement leaders suggested Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul succeed Boehner as Speaker of the House.

After all the Speaker does not have to be a member of Congress, and Dr. Paul has over 20 years experience in the House.

While it is fun to imagine Dr. Paul in charge of the House, I doubt that the Congress, which is still dominated by a bipartisan coalition in support of ever expanding spending on welfare and warfare would vote to hand the Speaker’s gavel to the leading champion of free markets and limited government.

But that does not mean that Dr. Paul’s influence is not being felt in DC!

Thanks to Campaign for Liberty supporters like you, members of Congress are feeling pressure to follow the trail Dr. Paul blazed on issues ranging from ending warrantless surveillance to opposing ObamaCare to cutting spending, and, of course, on Auditing the Fed.

Under Dr. Paul’s leadership, Campaign for Liberty is planning a major effort to make sure the Senate votes on, and passes, Audit the Fed this year. Please support our efforts by contributing to our Matching Grant Challenge.