No, that is not something Chief Wiggum will say to Homer on a future episode of The Simpsons.  It is something federal agents may soon be saying to Americans who commit the “crime” of putting “sprinkles” on their dessert.

This is because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — the same folks that prevent us from drinking raw milk and prevent terminally ill patients from having access to the only treatments that may save their lives — are currently putting the finishing touches on a regulation eliminating any traces of partially hydrogenated oils (“trans fat”) from our foods.  By forbidding the use of any trans-fat, the FDA will effectively make the use of sprinkles, those tasty little flavored candies put on top of ice cream and doughnuts, illegal.

While it is probably not a good idea to make trans-fat a center of our diets, the federal government has no constitutional or moral authority to tell Americans what we can and cannot eat.  In any case, Americans have been reducing the amount of trans fat in our diets, and a little bit of trans fat is not harmful. But this does not matter to our national nannies at the FDA; they know better than we do, and they have decided any trans fat is bad for us — so goodbye trans fat.

Will the FDA treat ice cream parlors and doughnut shops that dare to use sprinkles the way they treat Raw Milk drinkers?

(Hat/tip Mike Flynn at Breitbart).