Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee passed an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2019 THUD appropriations bill that moves forward with updating a 35-year old federal regulation that would allow Twin 33 trailers to be used by freight shipping trucks. Currently, freight trucking companies are limited to using double 28-foot trailers.

The trucking industry has changed dramatically over the last 35 years. Updating this regulation will help reduce stress on our nation’s infrastructure, take a step toward meeting President Trump’s goal of improving our transportation system without spending a penny of taxpayer money (in fact by reducing stress on the roads it will save money), reduce stress and fatigue on truck drivers, and even help you get your online orders delivered to you faster while keeping shipping costs down. This is also an issue where libertarians and free-market conservatives can join with environmentalists as this change will help lower carbon emissions via free-market solution instead of with new regulations and taxes. A pro-business, pro-American consumer, pro-trucking regulation that doesn’t cost the taxpayer a dime!

Given the explosive growth of e-commerce and changing needs of small businesses and American consumers, hopefully this update will stay in the bill as it passes the House and moves over to the Senate. We’re following the issue closely – help us spread the word too!