What is Liberty?

When I started this site in 2004, I believed that liberty was something that we obtained from without.  Even more so I believed liberty was something that was being kept from us by ill intended beings, secret societies, banks or whatever.  I now believe that true liberty comes from within.  No matter the external circumstances, we can all choose to love within and be the change we want to see in this world.  We have the power within us.  Liberty and Happiness come from within, not from without.  Love is the only path.  Peace to us all.  Live it.  Be it.

August 1st, 2021 Update:
Since we started in 2004 we have come a LONG way.  Even more so in the last 18 months!  2020 was without a doubt, the most explosive year for The Liberty Movement. 

Please head over to TheFreedomPeople.org and join us as we continue this journey!

The above being said; the hunting of these dark shadows are what brought my inner light to the forefront of my existence.
Therefore we will keep posting 3d liberty news.  Happy liberty hunting! Here is your…

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